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We have partnered with Grand Junction's Colorado Hemp Solutions to provide our clients with high quality, locally grown CBD oil, for use during the massage or retail purchase!

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​​Our bodies are amazing, highly advanced machines.  When we take care of them, treat them well, we give them the ability to perform at maximum capacity.   Stress, injury, aches, chronic pain, migraines and so much more can take a huge toll on our bodies. 


Did you know studies estimate that 75% of visits to the doctor are ultimately caused by stress?  Stress causes tension in your body, affecting your entire body's systems, and could ultimately result in a negative impact on your heath, including your nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems. 

Massage therapy is more than just pampering or a luxury...  it is therapeutic for your body.    Injuries can heal, aches/pains can be diminished, and stress can be reduced. 


The Massage Store was founded in 2006, and our goal and focus was to be different.  We didn't want to offer the typical pampering style massages, often seen in day spas and salons. 


We wanted to truly help our clients live a better lifestyle, because we knew that a large section of the population suffers from chronic pain, high levels of stress, and more.

To achieve this, we skipped the typical 50-60 minute massage and created our 75-minute, custom tailored full body, therapeutic massage.   75 minutes gives us time to do a quality full body massage, plus be able to spend 15-20 minutes of extra time focusing on those troublesome areas, so we can truly start to impact our clients' lives.  And when we say 75 minutes, it is truly 75 minutes of hands-on time.  But, many of our clients take advantage of our 90 minute and 2 hour massages too!

Our therapists are highly skilled, trained and experienced, as well as individually licensed with the State of Colorado.  We are also locally owned by a licensed massage therapist.


Retail Area:

Monday - Saturday

9:00am - 5:00pm


Monday - Saturday

First appointments - 9am

Last appointments - 6pm


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