This full spectrum CBD hemp oil supplement is made by combining Colorado Hemp Solutions’ own phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp distillate with premium avocado oil. The high content makes this a great carrier oil to deliver your full spectrum phyto-cannabinoids. Additionally, avocado oil contains a healthy gose of vitamin E and oleic acid – an essential fatty acid. Please see our full FDA disclosure, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.


Naturally, CBD hemp oil supplements give the user the ultimate in dosage variance – therefore giving the user the most customizable delivery. Feel free to adjust your dose with precision as each individual drop will deliver a specific amount of CBD as listed on the label.


All of the products made by Colorado Hemp Solutions are grown on our farms by our hands; No second party hemp materials of any kind enter our system. This gives us the peace of mind to assure our customers the consistency and quality they deserve in a nutraceutical product.

Phyto Avocado CBD Sublingual