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Shoulder pain is often caused by problems with your rotator cuff muscles and shoulder tendons.  People often associate rotator cuff problems with severe injuries, but they affect most of us to one degree or another, and often start through repetitive motions at work, sports, lifting, or sitting at a computer.

Symptoms that can indicate rotator cuff issues can include not only shoulder pain, but also pain, numbness and/or tingling in the shoulder, neck, arm and upper back.














The rotator cuff muscles are relatively small, but work very hard, which makes them extremely vulnerable to injury.

These muscles provide most of the stability in your shoulder.  Every movement of your arm, even small ones, causes these muscles to work extremely hard.

They are usually not adequately strengthened, even with regular exercise programs.

Repetitive movements and poor posture can cause friction and abrasion to the muscles.

Previous injuries that were not rehabilitated properly are prone to re-injury.

For those over the age of 40, the blood supply to the muscles lessens and can cause the muscles to atrophy.

So how do you address these issues, especially without surgery?  Primarily through specific, corrective exercise and specialized massage therapy.


Proper massage therapy techniques will treat the adhesions in the muscles, remove trigger points, make the muscles stronger, and allow the entire shoulder joint to function more effeciently and become stronger.

Typically, a rotator cuff massage session is intense and should not be thought of as a relaxation style massage.

If you would like to book a Rotator Cuff Treatrment, we offer the following sessions.  Feel free to book online by clicking the links, or calling us at (970) 243-3934.


30 Min Rotator Cuff Release       $55


50 Min Rotator Cuff Release       $75

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